Saturday, April 12, 2008

DAY 17

Saturday 12 April 2008
Hatarei 12 Aperira 2008

Today I did two things to make a difference. In the afternoon, I cleaned Charlie's (our budgie) cage and rearranged all his branches and toys. I did this for my brother, as it was something that he needed to do. He had heaps of other things to do, so I am glad that I could make it that little bit more easy for him. He was appreciative because he was really pleased when I told him that I would do it for him. Charlie seems happy too, as it stimulates his brain and keeps him active if we change his toys and environment.

This morning I was playing netball with my team. I think that I made a difference because we had lost our first game, but in the second game, things looked brighter. I got a few intercepts for my team and it seemed to act as an encouragement to us all because after that, we started to get some goals. We worked as a team, and this resulted in a win!

Friday, April 11, 2008

DAY 16

Friday 11 April 2008
Paraire 11 Aperira 2008

This morning I put in a fresh bowl of seed for Charlie (our budgie). It needed to be done, and I knew that it would make Charlie very happy. Sure enough, as soon as I had put it in his cage, he was straight onto it, eating really fast! This showed me that he was very grateful, and I am sure that he had a lovely breakfast.

Yes, quite sure.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

DAY 15

Thursday 10 April 2008
Taite 20 Aperira 2008

Tonight I played the flute for my Mum. It was late and she was tired, so I'm sure that she was glad of some lovely music to listen to. Afterwards, she told me that she thought that my playing sounded great, so that was good. She was happy about this.

DAY 14

Wednesday 9 April 2008
Wenere 9 Aperira 2008

Today at school, one of my classmates was trundling a few laptops on a trolley. So I opened the doors and helped him lift them over through the door. He was grateful, I know, because it would have been a disaster if they had fallen off!!!

DAY 13

Tuesday 8 April 2008
Turei 8 Aperira 2008

Tonight I made drinks for my family. I made a chocolatey, creamy, hot, interesting drink for my brother, a milo for my Mum and tea for my Dad. They thanked me so I could see that they were grateful. It meant that they didn't have to get up from their seats - I did it all for them!

Monday, April 7, 2008

DAY 12

Monday 7 April 2008
Mane 7 Aperira 2008

Today I did quite a lot to help. While my Mum was out, I cleared the bench and table. Then I got a cloth and Easy Off Bam and wiped the bench and table. I also swept the floor and when Mum came home I cooked dinner. It was fish, salad, steamed vegetables and an apple pie. Mum was really pleased because she didn't have to do a thing! She really appreciated all my hard work and acknowledged my effort. The rest of my family are most likely grateful too, as our lounge is tidy now. It feels so good to help when you don't expect anything in return.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

DAY 11

Sunday 6 April 2008
Ratapu 6 Aperira 2008

Today I did dessert for my family again, this time, pancakes. Once again, they enjoyed them and I enjoyed making them. My Mum said that they were yummy and I thought so too. And it felt good to help.

DAY 10

Saturday 5 April 2008
Hatarei 5 Aperira 2008

Today I made fruit salad for my family for dessert. I did it all by myself and didn't need Mum to help me so she was happy about that. I enjoyed making the fruit salad and my parents (and I) enjoyed eating it.


Friday 4 April 2008
Paraire 4 Aperira 2008

Tonight I put Charlie (our budgie) to bed for my brother so he had one less thing to do. I know that he was grateful for this because it was late and we were both tired. Then he said thank you to me.


Thursday 3 April 2008
Taite 3 Aperira 2008

Today I did two things to make a difference. The main one was cooking dinner for my family. I made Shepherds's Pie. I know that everyone appreciated this - I could tell without asking.
I also gave Joan 10 cents that I found in the garden at school. She was happy about this because she said thank you to me. 10 cents isn't much but it's the thought that counts.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Wednesday 2 April
Wenerei 2 Aperira

Just now I was on the computer in the school library. Another person was on the computer beside me. I noticed that when she went to do something else, she left her Internet License on the table. Soon after, her mum came to pick her up, so I gave her back her Internet License. I know that she would have appreciated this, because she said thank you, and if she had lost her Internet License, she wouldn't have been able to go on the internet.


Tuesday 1 April 2008
Turei 1 Aperira 2008

Today I made a difference by helping Mum unpack the groceries. I took some bags from the car and put all the food in the right places. This helped Mum a lot because it normally takes a long time, but it didn't take too long this time. I know that I made a difference because she said thank you to me.

Monday, March 31, 2008


Monday 31 March
Mane 31 Maehe

Today I made a difference by tidying my room. It's one less thing for mum to nag me about! This helped her because it makes it easier for her if I'm good. She was pleased with my effort so I could tell that I made a difference.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Sunday 30 March 2008
Ratapu 30 Maehe 2008

Tonight I helped Mum out by cooking the fish for tea and serving them. This helped her because she had one less thing to do - a weight off her mind. I know that I made a difference because she gave me a hug and thanked me which made me feel glad that I helped.


Saturday 29 March 2008
Hatarei 29 Maehe 2008

Today I bought Mum a muffin. We were at netball and she had left it at home. I was going to get a sausage anyway, so I bought her a blueberry muffin. She was very grateful. I know this because she thanked me and I could see that she enjoyed it which was enough proof for me.


Friday 28 March 2008
Paraire 28 Maehe 2008

Today I made a difference by helping Mum with the dishes. I loaded the dishwasher for her. After all, two people work faster than one! I know that I made a difference because I normally don't want to do the dishes. Today though, I did it willingly. When I had finished, Mum said thankyou and gave me a big hug. It made me feel good to have helped.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Thursday 27 March 2008
Taite 27 Maehe 2008

Today I made a difference by being kind to my brother. I gave him a piece of my Easter egg. However, I didn't expect anything back. I know that this pleased him because he told me that he thought that that was a good idea, in German. This was enough proof to know that I had made a difference.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Here are some brainstorms that I did on Inspiration for this unit...

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Hi! Welcome to my blog - Nicola's 17 Day Challenge. My class has decided to do one thing that makes you a good citizen over the next 17 days. We are studying Citizenship. I will reflect every day on this blog on how I have changed somebody's life by being a good citizen, and i would really appreciate it if you left a comment or signed my guestbook! (soon to be here!)